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I hate the human species but I love Nestlé Kinder Bueno. -Matt Bellamy ☮

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there are nice americans

there are rude americans

there are nice brits

there are rude brits

there are nice canadians

there’s justin bieber

Every year on Canadian Thanksgiving, we perform a ritual to purge ourselves of our rudeness, Bieber absorbs it all. He was never meant to escape, we are sorry.

He was never meant to escape.

…I’ve only seen this legendary post in screenshots

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THE WORKS OF EDGAR ALLEN POE: Here’s a link to all his stories and poems. His macabre and dark approach to writing has touched many across the globe
THE WORKS OF H.P LOVECRAFT: Another gothic writer whose style is both suspenseful and vivid
THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW: Another classic, beware of the headless horseman 
THE TURN OF THE SCREW: A tale about a governess who becomes convinced that she and her charges are being stalked by ghosts.
THE MONKEY’S PAW: You probably have heard of this one. Be careful what you wish for. 
THE LOTTERY: It might not seem like a horror story, but once you realize what’s happening you will definitly be horrified. If you don’t understand here’s a site that will clear some things up
WHERE ARE YOU GOING, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN: About a 15 year old girl’s encounter with a threatening but charismatic stranger. A popular dark tale.
THE SIGNAL MAN: By Charles Dickon’s, a railroad worker tells the story of a ghost that seems to appear to him as a premonition of some horrible railway tragedy
THE MORTAL IMMORTAL: Mary Shelley may have been known for Frankenstein, but here’s another dark tale by her. It’s the story of a man who wants to play God, but finds his sanity is the price
THE WOMAN IN BLACK: You probably have heard of the movie, but read the classic story behind it. Whenever she is seen, a child dies. 
BONUS: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier: I read this for my Gothic Literature class in high school. I loved it. A dark novel with plenty of twists to keep you on the edge. 
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send this to your crush with no context



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sorry mom you’ve hit ask limit

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it dont even feel like september it dont even feel like any month we just floatin thru time

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my printer can suck a dick 

what kind of printer do you have

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Water Lilies by Claude Monet

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the other day I fell down the stairs and my whole life flashed before my eyes


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i can’t get in lifts with people because i have a sort of phobia of breathing in people’s breath

and when i got asked what was wrong by my law teacher (she thought i looked ill) 

I had to fucking reply “I prefer people when they’re not breathing” 




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Today I caught the rainbow in my cat’s ear

all my years of blogging have led me to this moment i can officially close now


"I really regret not following my heart for [Phrazes For The Young]," he said over the phone from his home in New York. "In my head, I was like, ‘Do I want to do a weirder thing?’ But I thought it would’ve been swept under the rug, so I went the opposite way." As it happened, "Phrazes for the Young" — an underrated electro-pop jaunt — was swept under the rug anyway; it sold fewer copies than any Strokes album, including last year’s "Comedown Machine," roundly criticized as a careless fulfillment of the band’s contract with RCA Records.
So Casablancas, 36, was determined to stick to his guns for his first effort with the Voidz, whose members include players he’d originally recruited for solo shows. The aggressive sound, he said, reflects his lifelong love of punk bands like Black Flag and his more recent examination of “modern classical music and weird jazz.” And the lyrics channel his sense of outrage that began growing during George W. Bush’s presidency, which Casablancas called “a wake-up zone.”
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i’m not the kind of fool 
who’s gonna sit and sing to you
about stars, girl

but last night i looked up into
the dark half of the blue
and they’d gone backwards

this is my favourite song at the moment

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